Posh Isolation and Janushoved are proud to present the latest work from Internazionale, ‘Avatar In Life’. Following a number of stunning cassette releases on the Janushoved imprint that refined their fatalist themes and romantic swells, Internazionale’s new album gently contemplates harrowing scenes of a world in crisis.

With our daily dose of globalist despair as close to us as our hand is to a trackpad or phone, and our immediate surroundings so intimately afflicted by our world-gone-wrong, Internazionale dare us to gaze into the heart of the way we present this to ourselves and save some hope for a way through it all. The album is saturated in blissful, concrète-swept scenes that disintegrate at the edges in digital distortion. And like a thread that runs throughout ‘Avatar In Life’, melodic synthesiser work renders a romantic longing in the foreground, though it just as often relocates to the background, spinning us around to prompt us to remember what we’ve passed as we look ahead.