Yen Towers "Bidders Must Justify Their Price" 12"


Whether thought of as a fistful of small change or as a digitally distributed asset, monetary exchange is best calculated for aesthetic ends at the planetary scale. Zoom out, and as far as you can.

Yen Towers is Copenhagen's Simon Formann, known for his work as a member of Lower and Age Coin. Bidders Must Justify Their Price tracks the mechanisms of global exchange and scales sound system dynamics to fit, preserving only the minimum quantity of human perspective necessary to calibrate itself for advanced club environments. One could describe BMJTP as a Skype meeting between the global financial system and a field recordist. Naturally, the inhuman register of such a system finds its perfect analogue in the sheer silence of the digital economy — dark grids pumping 1s and 0s like blood. Yet the dizzying and relentless movement of populations within this matrix is what Yen Towers is listening for, and capturing. 

The music itself is slick and propellant, with the pixelated fog of dub at the edge of everything — this is a trace of how far Yen Towers has zoomed out. The 12" opens on uneasy garage-inflected terrain, giving little preparation for the hypnotic glances of one's own ficto-reality that is to come. However much the tracks on BMJTM swing, the circling motion of its minimalist techno components enmesh into a total environment that recognises you better than you recognise it. Club music for the world market.

 Posh Isolation 175

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