Mischa Pavlovski "Kapitel" LP


”Kapitel” is the debut recording from the Russian, Swedish, but Copenhagen based Mischa Pavlovski, with a previous history in Posh Isolation punk and metal bands, his solo debut offers a very diffferent take on sound although in equally dark territory. Kapitel is a monolithic piece of minimal, ambient techno and it is quite beyond grasp how this could be someones debut, with an incredible ear for composition and timing it offers four tracks, each track leading on to the next with heavy bass pulsing, distant desolated melodies, paranoid ambient soundscapes, with an underlying steady kick binding it all together.

With a running time of almost 40 minutes it still manages to keep its listener captivated from when the first kick enters to the moment the last synth runs out.

Drugs, anxiety, club lights turning off one by one, dreams experienced awake, rather than sleeping.


Posh Isolation 127

500 copies